Past Singles

Hallelujah (For the Broken) (2017)

“As my soul, soul cries out 
To Your name, there You say 
That You are my Saviour God 
And as I lift, lift my eyes
From the night to Your light
The shadows break into day”

In times of brokenness, how will we respond? Join us in declaring this song over our own souls, just as David did in Psalm 43. Let us choose to give Him a sacrifice of praise even in hard times, knowing He is a Father who never leaves nor forsakes us.

Purchase the single on iTunes here.


Rend The Heavens (2017)

“Rend the heavens and come down
Make Your glory known
Overwhelm us with Your presence
Weight of heaven’s call
As we rend our hearts
Let Your kingdom come”

“‘Rend the Heavens’ is a rallying cry to see a generation consumed by Joel 2:13, with the rending of their hearts, in response to the prayer of Isaiah 64:1, that God would tear open the heavens and manifest His Spirit throughout humanity.”
– Ian Chew

Download the chord chart for “Rend the Heavens” here and purchase the single on iTunes here.


Bread of the World (2017)

“Hallelujah, Christ is risen
We have now this hope in riches
Of His glory and His power
Always, for endless days”

‘Bread of the World’ is our modern-day take on Reginald Heber’s 18th-century Eucharist hymn of the same title. Released over Good Friday and Easter, we pray that this song inspires hope in the redemptive work of Jesus Christ and the resurrection power that rests in every believer.

Download the chord chart for “Bread Of The World” here and purchase the single on iTunes here.


I Have a Song (Acoustic) (2016)

 Watch our first ever music video “I Have A Song” featuring AG alumni Angel Lee as she worships through the powerful medium of dance. IHAS is about the surrendered posture of our hearts when we worship & how every humble sacrifice of praise is pleasing to Him. Download the free track here – we pray it blesses you today.


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