Senior Leader


A singer-songwriter, worship leader and guitarist, Alarice’s mission in life is to inspire others to live the radical call of Jesus over their lives. Born in Auckland, New Zealand to Singaporean parents, Alarice grew up around the world before being called to Singapore in 2011. A lover of great lyrics and songs that speak directly to the heart, Alarice’s music is played regionally across Singapore, Malaysia, and the Asia Pacific. Along with her husband Calvin, Alarice now ministers through song, worship leading, and teaching locally and regionally.

Alarice released her debut album ‘Sunday Afternoon’ in 2011 with Warner Music and her sophomore project ‘The Kingdom’ with Oops!Asia in 2014. Alarice has graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of New South Wales in 2008 and has attended Bethel’s School of Worship in 2012. Follow her at @alaricemusic!


Senior Leader

A speaker, evangelist, and a life coach, Calvin’s heart beats to see every life transformed, living purposefully, and fulfilling their destiny in Christ. A real man’s man and a big believer of discipleship, Calvin regularly shares his testimony and the gospel to the youth, whilst mentoring a number of men personally. He has spent seven years working with youth-at-risk where the Lord shaped his heart for the broken and marginalised. Always ready for an adventure, Calvin has led teams to plant churches across the Asia Pacific and now together with Alarice ministers the gospel in Singapore and regionally.

Calvin joins the AG team as a mentor, speaker, and evangelist for our outreach and concerts. Follow him at @realcalvinhong.


Resident Mentor


A vocal coach, self-taught pianist and musical enthusiast, August has a passion to call out the unique and personal ability in each vocalist. He loves working with people who are exploring their music gifting, and walking with them in finding their own sound and style. A songwriter with a penchant towards musicals, August has written four evangelistic musicals over the years, some of which he acted and sung in, too.

August was the Music Director of his church for 7 years. He has conducted numerous choirs as well as completed Grade 8 of vocal training in the ABRSM exams. August has also graduated with Masters in Counselling & Psychotherapy. He attended WorshipU in Bethel Church in Redding, California in 2015. Follow him at @augustlai!

Caleb Chan

Resident Mentor


A sound extraordinaire and a passionate preacher with a servant’s heart, Caleb is one who faithfully serves in the background ensuring soundscapes are as brilliant as the music itself. Caleb loves training musicians on sound knowledge as it is this detail that makes or breaks the artist’s set! More than just teaching skills and know-how, his hope is to impart an attitude of servant leadership. One of his personal prayers is: “God, never let me be too big to arrange chairs.” He supports the team logistically in the day-to-day running of the school.

Caleb graduated with a Diploma in Sound Engineering at SAE in 2007 and the School Of Theology in 2012. He also joins AG as a speaker for our music outreach events. Follow him at @calebcyt.


Resident Mentor


Heading the media development and missions of the ministry is none other than Ian Chew. Ian is an AG alumni and was a part of the pioneer cohort’s Vocals stream in 2015. Having always had a heart for missions, he yearns to see revival throughout the nations and serves actively in his church’s music ministry as a worship leader. Ian leads the team frequently in prayer, devotions, and worship. He is also a talented singer-songwriter and believes that God is releasing a generation of forerunners to write powerful, prophetic songs for this nation. He also has a keen eye for visuals and a gift of videography which he uses to support the team’s creative endeavours.

Ian graduated with a Degree in Psychology from UniSIM and is currently pursuing theological education at TCA College. Follow him at @ianchew7.


Resident Mentor

Vocals & Keys

A producer, arranger and session musician, Gideon has always been committed to raising the technical and spiritual aspect of worship musicians. He joined us in 2016 as a Resident Mentor for our Vocals stream alongside August, as well as our Keys stream. Gideon helps other musicians perfect their craft and produce songs of excellence that are pleasing to God and man. Gideon is a worship messenger, who ultimately believes that his success is to love and to be loved by Jesus. Gideon comes alive when worship is pleasing to the Father and when worship leaders, musicians, singers, and songwriters step into the fullness of their callings as messengers and forerunners in music, through their relationship with God.

Gideon graduated with a Degree in Contemporary Writing & Production (magna cum laude) at Berklee College of Music. Follow him at @gideonlimmy.


Resident Mentor


Also known as ‘Walrus’, Shawn is passionate about two things: Jesus and music. His heart is to bring people into encounter with God through music and art, and to see lives radically transformed by His presence. He joins the ministry full-time in 2017 as the Resident Mentor for Bass. Shawn has been serving in various churches, ministries, and events as a bassist, guitarist, vocalist and worship leader since 2004. He is also an occasional session bassist in the local music scene. Besides serving in music, he has previously led a prayer ministry and a life-group for four years.

Shawn is also an excellent artist with a signature style and a keen eye for beauty. Together with his wife, he ministers through a social enterprise he co-pioneered called The Project J, a partner of Awaken Generation. He also loves spending time with his wife, family, and friends, as well as reading, watching films, and listening to Funk, Soul, Jazz, and Fusion. He currently holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Murdoch University. Follow him @shawn.walrus.


Resident Mentor


An accomplished multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and teacher, Shernise Khor has been a good friend of the ministry for years now. In 2011, Shernise graduated from Sydney Conservatorium of Music with a music degree, majoring in the cello. Besides serving faithfully in her home church as a Worship Leader, keyboardist, and Band Leader, Shernise currently teaches and performs the cello professionally with various ensembles in Singapore and is frequently invited to play on album recordings. She has also released a CD of her original Christian songs in 2009 entitled “Finding You”.

Beyond her passion for worship and music, Shernise is also passionate about mentoring the youth. Joining AG in 2017 as Resident Mentor for Keys, she is well-versed with the concept of kingdom culture and endeavours to live that out in every aspect of teaching. She has a heart especially for youths to discover their identity in God and it brings her the greatest joy to see hearts turned to Jesus and moved in His powerful presence through worship.




A prolific songwriter, poet, and literature major, Jean is a wordsmith and story-teller who is fascinated with stories and what it means for singer-songwriters to discover their own. Jean’s songs are written with influences from jazz, pop, and folk, with lyrics often speaking of the beauty and grace of God. Her testimony itself has been an encouragement to many, having gone through 7 operations since 3 months’ old and being told that she was not going to speak or be heard clearly. Jean now sings as a testimony that hardships are turned into something beautiful when God steps into the picture.

Jean has released two albums Dance in 2010 and Passage in 2012. Follow her at @jeantanmusic.




Elaine joined the Awaken Generation team in 2017 as a Mentor and pioneered the Dance stream. Elaine received her training as a contemporary dancer from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and graduated in 1996. She was Principal Dancer with Tammy L Wong Dance Company and later, the Dance Leader in Church of Our Saviour, Singapore. She has 23 years of teaching and performing experience in Singapore and overseas. In 2008, Elaine went through a life-transforming experience and started to move in prophetic dance. This has led her to start teaching it for almost a decade now. Her heart is to lead people into deeper encounters with God through the use of movement in worship.

Besides this, Elaine also founded THREAD in 2016, a dance team consisting of dancers from various churches in Singapore. Their heart is to grow spiritually, technically, and in character; to worship the Father through the use of movement. These are worshippers who take pleasure in imparting their gifts to the next generation and Elaine is privileged to have pioneered this God-inspired movement.

Elaine continues to serve in areas that aim to bring people into deeper revelation and relationship with the Father! She is blessed with a loving husband and two wonderful children, and enjoys cooking and travelling with her family.




David has been serving in full-time church ministry since 2001, first with City Harvest Church (CHC) as their Music Director and then with New Creation Church (NCC) as their Music Director (Youth Ministry) in 2012 till 2017. He is presently pursuing other opportunities in the marketplace as well as still volunteering his time in various capacities to serve God’s kingdom and local church. An avid guitarist, David has also been involved in producing several albums for CHC, as well as one of their songwriters. Presently, he is concentrating on mentoring and raising the next generation of worshippers, Music Directors, songwriters, and producers in NCC’s youth ministry.

Prior to joining full-time ministry, David was also serving in the church as a Worship Leader and a Cell Group Leader. He has an advanced diploma from the School of Creative Arts (Oxford Falls, Sydney), a college of C3 Church, Sydney. David graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the National University of Singapore.

In his spare time, David enjoys working out and a good fun game of football with close friends to sweat it out, and also loves spending time with his wife and daughter at water parks. David’s burning desire is for the visions and aspirations of the next generation of worshippers to be fulfilled and their potential in God realised in the fullest measure possible. He loves to impart his knowledge and experience to his students so that they can be equipped not just with technical skill, but life and ministry skills that will enable them to thrive.

Student Mentors

As part of Awaken Generation’s sustainability planning for the ministry, we have built a Student Mentor team composed of AG graduates who will continue to volunteer and serve with us, assisting the resident mentors in the facilitation of classes as well as at our ministry events. The Student Mentor Program allows us to continue building with our growing AG alumni, and to guide those who have been called to journey further in the ministry.