1. Can I perform my own song for the auditions?
No. The set pieces were chosen for us to assess each applicant fairly.

2. My audition video is not of the best quality. Will it affect my acceptance?
Your submission does not have to be of professional quality as long as the sound is clear.

3. I missed the closing date for the auditions but the course hasn’t started yet. Can I still apply?
Yes, you can. However, a non-refundable late fee of $100 will apply.


1. Do you offer the course streams in other languages besides English?
All courses will only be offered in English.

2. What happens if I miss a lesson?
Mentees who missed a class will receive a link to a video recording of the lesson.

3. Do I need to bring my own instrument for the course?
Mentees attending the Guitar & Bass streams are expected to bring their own guitars for classes.

4. Do you offer any courses on drums?
We currently do not, but we hope to offer it in future. Do stay tuned!

5. Can I take one semester per year?
Mentees are expected to commit to the course for one year in order to maximise their learning experience.


1. When do I need to make payment?
The first payment is due upon acceptance (includes non-refundable registration fee of $50 + month/semester/year fee). Monthly payments are due by the first Monday of every month.

2. What happens if I miss a payment?
There will be a late penalty charge of 10% of the monthly payment.

3. Do you have any scholarships available?
We currently do not, but we hope to offer them in future.


1. I am unable to join the Awakening Tour. Does it affect my graduation from the course?
No, it doesn’t.

2. I can only commit to part of the Awakening Tour. Does it affect my graduation from the course?
No, it doesn’t.

3. Can I get my church involved in the Awakening Tour?
We would love to hear from them. Please email us with details of your proposed involvement at [email protected]


1. I would like to use the recording studio outside of my AG course, do students rate apply?
Yes. Please check the Production House Page for more details.


1. I am a church sending our music team to AG, will they be able to train together?
Each stream is conducted separately, but all streams learn together for Convergences and Electives.

2. Will your team be able to conduct training sessions and/or offer consults for my worship band?
Yes. Please see our Workshops Page for more details.

3. Will we be trained by international mentors?
This is not offered as part of the standard curriculum, but as the opportunity arises for international mentors to minister at AG, we will arrange for them conduct a session.

4. Is AG under a church?
AG is an independent ministry, but we are supported and covered by elders and advisors from various churches. Please download the AG Pastoral Information PDF to find out more.

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