Awaken Generation meets once a week for 2 semesters. Each semester is conducted over 4 months with a 2-month break in between.

CONVERGENCES – Sessions where students across different streams come together for worship, teaching, ministry and character-building on the first Monday of every month of semester. Topics include:

  • The Power of Worship
  • Excellence vs. Perfectionism
  • Culture of Honour
  • Relationship vs. Opportunity
  • And more!

CLASSES – For the remaining weeks of the month, stream classes are then held once a week typically on weeknights.  Class durations range from 1.5 – 2.5 hours depending on the chosen stream. Class schedules will differ according to your chosen stream and will be confirmed upon acceptance into the course.

ONE-TO-ONE MENTORING – AG students all have the opportunity to book one-to-one mentoring timeslots with their chosen mentor three times per semester.  Sessions include life/ministry mentoring as well as specific skills mentoring of their choice. (e.g. a songwriting student will be able to book a vocal mentoring session with the vocals mentor)

ELECTIVES – Over the course of the semester students have the opportunity to participate in all electives which are optional classes with topics that are catered for worship ministries.

  • Worship Leading – Expounds on the role of a worship leader, how to build a setlist and to prepare to lead worship sets effectively.
  • Band Dynamics I & II – Delves into the role of each instrument and what effective communication in a band looks like, as well as how to flow as a band and build a song.
  • Leadership – Discusses the practical tools for building effective teams and develops a useful framework for ministry leaders to anchor upon
  • And More!

Besides convergences, classes, one-to-one mentoring and electives, Awaken Generation also hosts monthly Revival Nights that take place on Wednesdays where students get an opportunity to serve on the worship team or simply receive in a worship environment.

AWAKENING TOURS – We believe in the Antioch call of this nation & in the raising up & sending out of music missionaries to the nations.The AG team plans tours & ministry trips regularly with the aim of releasing the gospel through music in local and regional outreaches & missions.

ASIA THEOLOGICAL CENTRE (ATC)AG alumni, current, and future students from the Vocals and Songwriting Streams are eligible to register with ATC and have their time in AG count as credits towards ATC’s certificate, associate degree, and diploma programmes. You can find out more about the ATC partnership here.


Semester 1

Semester 2

14 Jan (Orientation)

28 Jan – 27 May

5 Aug – 28 Nov

(except week of 20 May)

(except week of 12 Aug)



Students will be coached through a highly experiential process of crafting songs, beginning with seeking revelation, building upon song concepts and ideas, mastering lyrical and melodic devices, to refining and delivering a song. Expect an environment of freedom and creativity where you will be challenged beyond your boundaries as a songwriter.


– Learn the elements of a good song (song structure and concepts, lyrical content, melody and rhythm, chord progressions and genres)

– Be challenged with exploratory lyrical and musical exercises to hone your songwriting gift

– Be given opportunities to co-write with other songwriters and collaborate with musicians to broaden musical perspectives

– Hear & be inspired by various songwriters on their personal creative process


Students will be coached through an engaging and stimulating process of understanding vocal production and discovering the best placement for their sound, all in all building your confidence and musical expression to lead in worship and to deliver vocal presentations. Expect a journey of self-discovery to overcome inhibitions to access your full potential in finding and owning your instrument.


– Develop a deeper understanding of vocal production (vocal anatomy, head/chest/mix voice, breath support, and more)

– Learn how to develop your vocal range and strength, and  identify and manage vocal breaks

– Explore song interpretation & develop a repertoire of expression tools for your vocal style

– Be given opportunities to practice worship leading/vocal presentations in a safe environment


Students will immerse themselves in an enriching practical workshop where you will be strengthened in your foundational technique and theory, and given tools to add colour and vibrancy to your playing, in turn enhancing the worship/band experience. Expect to grow not only in your musicianship, but also in understanding of your role as a worship leader on your instrument.


– Understand basic music theory as the foundation for improving technical ability

– Develop a greater understanding of the role of your instrument in different contexts

– Explore various technical tools (constructing chords/extensions/substitutions, transposing keys, ear training, acoustic/electric soundscapes, basic song arrangement & more)

– Be given opportunities to collaborate on song arrangement projects with other streams


Similar to the other instrument streams, students will also be engaged in practical sessions while being strengthened in foundational technique and theory. Aspiring bassists will also be taught the fundamentals of groove and harmony – two essentials to mastering bass guitar – & will learn how to anchor other musicians in a worship band setting.


– Understand basic music theory as the foundation for improving technical ability

– Develop a greater understanding of the role of your instrument in different contexts

– Explore various technical tools (constructing chords, coming up with bass grooves, basic song arrangement & more)

– Be given opportunities to collaborate with guest drummers

SOUND *New Stream*

Students will immerse themselves in a practical course focusing on building your technical ability and training your ears to achieve an effective sound unique to your church. Students can expect to grow in their understanding of how the effective use of a technical area like sound can greatly affect, build, and enhance the atmosphere of worship.


— Understand theoretical foundations of live sound

— Frequent practical sessions to apply what you’ve learnt

— Exposure to different sound setups in various churches

— Opportunities to support & learn during Awaken Generation’s live events


Students will catch the heart of worship through the sharing of kingdom values and the use of worship dance. Understand how to invite His presence using dance and what it means to be a carrier of God’s presence. Explore movement through dance improvisation and learn how to minister through movement effectively. Dancers will understand their bodies better and be coached through an intensive process of developing their technical ability.


– Develop a deeper understanding of using dance to worship God and what it means to minister through worship dance, intercessory dance, and prophetic dance.

– Understanding the significance of worshipping with flags and dance cloth.

– Understanding the role of a dance minister and ministry and how to partner with the worship team effectively.

– Explore the improvisation and the use of choreographic tools to create beautiful and meaningful dance pieces.


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